FLASHLUBE CATCH CAN PRO (UNIVERSAL) - Vehicle specific kits below
FLASHLUBE CATCH CAN PRO (UNIVERSAL) - Vehicle specific kits below
FLASHLUBE CATCH CAN PRO (UNIVERSAL) - Vehicle specific kits below

FLASHLUBE CATCH CAN PRO (UNIVERSAL) - Vehicle specific kits below

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This is a generic catch can to suit all vehicles (fitting kit not included)

The Flashlube Catch Can Pro is a premium oil fume filter that protects the engine by filtering out damaging oil mist and condensation from the air entering the inlet passage. The oil mist and condensation often cause carbon build up resulting in loss of power, fuel economy and can consequently lead to expensive engine damage. 

The unit is designed with unique safety valves to ensure its installation will not over pressurise the engine and is compact in size at 146mm high x 116mm wide x 137mm deep, enough to fit into the most overcrowded engine bays.

Flashlube Catch Can Pro offers more protection with the inclusion of pressure relief and vacuum relief valves, so as not to over-pressurise the engine, which could lead to other failures. The Flashlube model also features free-flowing, large-diameter inlet and outlet ports of 19mm (notably the same diameter as the pipes on my engine), a replaceable filter and a rotating head to aid in fittingThe Catch Can Pro will ensure your inlet manifold stays clean, it will prevent your intercooler and turbo from clogging up with oil and gunk, and it will also keep sensors clean to enable them to perform as designed.

Once installed, the Flashlube Catch Can Pro filters the fumes via the airflow passing through the in-built replaceable filter and allows clean air to pass into the turbo, intercooler and inlet manifold. The clean air then travels into the engine, which satisfies all emission regulations, as opposed to EGR.

The kit comes complete with a drain hose and tap which is installed directly below the Catch Can Pro on the chassis rail. This allows easy drainage of the captured oil into a container, for proper disposal. This can be done at regular service intervals and should only take a minute or two. Another advantage of capturing waste oil is that if you find an abnormal amount of oil in the can, something might be amiss with your engine.

The Flashlube Catch Can Pro keeps engine internals clean and free-flowing, which improves overall performance. Keeping that gunk out of where it should never have been in the first place can only be a good thing for your engine!