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POLYAIR WIRELESS COMPRESSOR SYSTEM - Wirelessair compressor kit (27005)
POLYAIR WIRELESS COMPRESSOR SYSTEM -  Wirelessair compressor kit (27005)

POLYAIR WIRELESS COMPRESSOR SYSTEM - Wirelessair compressor kit (27005)

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Wirelessair compressor kit (27005)

The WirelessAIR Compressor System is an innovative, compact remote that allows you to independently control two Polyair Bags for maximum flexibility and control.

This kit is perfect for vehicles with uneven or irregular load types.

  • Easy to install – No wiring to the cab
  • Wireless hand-held remote for control inside or outside of the car
  • Advanced diagnostics for safety and peace of mind
  • Automatically maintains set pressures
  • Two user defined memory pre-sets
  • Kit includes remote, compressor, lines, manifold – everything needed to get going
  • Works with all Polyair Airbag kits


Polyair Springs have been providing load levelling solutions to the Australasian region since the late 1950s. Starting as a 1 man operation, the product has gained popularity through its wide range of benefits, and value for money.

The airbag in coil concept originated with NASCAR in 1949. On the unrelenting banked circuits, weight distribution was found to be a key factor in optimising handling. The capabilities of the air bags was soon put to use on road going vehicles.

Through the 1950’s the product gained popularity, and was developed even further. By the 1980s the product became a common site on motorhomes, ambulances, load bearing pick up trucks etc.

In Australia at the beginning of the 1980’s a well established steering and suspension business recognised the significance of Polyair Springs. The directors bought the locally grown company, with the aim of developing the brand further.

Since then they have been a leading name in the air bag industry.

Sales growth has enabled Polyair Springs to keep pace with greater demand, developing products for the ever growing range of vehicles on the road.

All of their kits are developed on site by their R&D engineers, who have a keen understanding of the challenging industrial and recreational environments the products are subject to.